Chapter 4

Savannah came to work like yesterday. She had gotten to know a few employees there and greeted them this morning, including Andrew. She had a particularly good feeling about him, that he was to be a good partner at work just fine.

Savannah began to scribble down some notes. The secretary had given her the schedule of some people that going to have a business talk with their boss. She remembered that he was going to show up at the office today, and she made sure to make a great first impression.

Savannah was scanning the schedule as her ears suddenly caught the sound of the commotion, people were scattered around trying to get in their place.

Savannah looked up to find a familiar figure in the entrance, his eyes seemed strict and calculating as he gazed at everyone. The sound of his shoes hitting the floor was resonating in the room as the other employees busying themselves with their work, hoping that they won't get scolded.

Lucas Hernandez approached a few employees, correcting them for their mistakes: messy desk, late arrivals, and other indisciplines. Savannah didn't mean to eavesdrop in their conversation, but she was quite near to where he was scolding an employee, threatening to fire him if he kept making mistakes.

One by one of those employees was back to their respective workplace until it left only a few people in the hall including Savannah herself, who was busy gazing at his strict figure.

His act somehow made her remember what he used to when they were betrothed to marry each other. If he didn't remember her, that was quite understandable since she dressed in boyish style back then.

He did date a few girls after their forced relationship was broken by him never attended the wedding ceremony, enjoying a trip somewhere with a girl he claimed as his girlfriend.

She didn't believe that the girl was his girlfriend.

She knew that his father was a nice and responsible businessman, based on what her father had told her. William Hernandez at that time was looking for a wife or rather a betrothed for his second son. The first son had gotten married earlier.

From what William Hernandez had told her father, Lucas Hernandez didn't mind getting married at the young age of twenty. His father also admitted that his son didn't have a lover at that time. That was why he asked for her hand marriage, for his son.

Savannah who didn't believe in love and thought that it was a myth instantly agree to the terms. She believed that the feeling of affection would come by itself as time passed.

He rarely attended their family gathering. He always had a reason every time he refused to come, every one of them was quite believable, either it was about work or college events. However, Savannah didn't believe it, but she kept silent.

One time he came to their family gathering, it was brief that they only exchange names. Savannah was fine with him, but soon it was faltering.

Later the next two days after his humiliating departure, she heard some news that he broke up with his girlfriend, appearing emotionless as usual. Women are emotional creatures, and she didn't even see an ounce of sadness in the girl's face.

Savannah couldn't deny that he was strikingly gorgeous. His features would be mistaken as a model due to the often appeared on the magazine cover. But, Savannah was glad that she didn't end up marrying him.

How her life would turn out to be if she did? She labeled him as the complete opposite of his father after that incident. He was a completely unresponsible man.

If he didn't want to marry her, he could've talked it out to his family instead of humiliating them.

Savannah shook her head, it was eight years ago, she even doubted if he remembered her. She was nothing special anyway. Their broken marriage didn't hinder his career in the business world.

Savannah wondered if the business part was also partly the reason for their engagement, to merge two giants technology companies into one. That would blow their popularity and attract investors.

Savannah sighed a little as she tore her gaze from the now annoyed man. He seemed like a perfectionist. In his dictionary, everything had to be in the perfect order. Maybe, that also what was made his business grew immensely from these last years. His company even rivaled her father's.

Savannah felt a gaze burned through the side of her head, she knew that she was the next target.

Footsteps were heard heading her way, she didn't look up from her notes until the sound suddenly stopped. Savannah heard a soft 'tch'. She could help but glanced up at him, only to find that he was inspecting her.

She didn't know if he remembered her from the encounter around three days ago. One certain thing, he looked intimidating as hell right now. Savannah stared back at him awkwardly.

"Mr. H-hernandez," she greeted him. She caught from the corner of her eyes that some of the employees were stealing a glance at them. Probably expecting a drama or a firing on her second day of work.

Savannah didn't want to falter under his intense gaze, so she stared back at him. She thought that he was so different outside the office. The man from three days ago looked formal and strict but still held some kindness, while this man in front of her was just plain intimidating.

A flash of recognition crossed over his eyes as he nodded at her. So, now he remembered.

Suddenly, Savannah just felt so embarrassed in front of him. He probably thought that she was crazy after what she was doing in the rain.

"You are the new receptionist?" He asked with his deep voice.

Savannah nodded and answered it curtly, "yes."

He nodded again with approval, seemingly he just wanted to know her a little. He didn't scold her.

"So, what's your name?" He asked her as he took the schedule from the secretary's hand, who was dared enough to approach them.

The secretary waited for him to say something, probably a thank you or a comment from their employee about the schedule. But, he didn't even look up, his eyes scanning the written words on the paper. Not even when the secretary finally asked about his opinion.

Feeling that he wasn't needed, the secretary went back to his office with a bit of annoyance. Savannah felt a bit sorry for him. This man was still arrogant.

Mr. Hernandez finally looked up, dark eyes locked with Savannah's brown ones as he waited for her answer.

Savannah took a deep breath.

"Savannah Easton," she blurted before she could hold her mouth.


Mr. Hernandez unwaveringly kept staring at her, making her nervous.

Savannah prayed that he wouldn't remember her. This sure would be hell in the workplace if he did.

He still stared at her unblinkingly that Savannah suddenly had the urge to go to the bathroom.

In the end, he just nodded and left without muttering other words. Savannah didn't know if that meant a bad thing or a good one. Did he remember her?

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