Chapter 5

A week was enough to get used to the situation in the office: Mr. Hernandez sudden inspection of some undisciplines, fired employees, and some threats. Though, he didn't do the inspection often, he somehow managed to know which employee that didn't obey to his rules.

Rules were made for a reason, and in this company, they were made to develop it into a better one by the good human resources.

She had gotten to know Andrew better around that week, taking his offer to have lunch together and some coffe after work. At times, he even came into the office and brought her a cup of coffe so that she wouldn't feel sleepy at work. Savannah was grateful for that.

Savannah looked around as she searched for a certain tall figure. After satisfied that he wasn't around, she began to open her phone and made a video call to a certain person.

She had just done her task and was free at the moment. She expected to have

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