Chapter 6

Savannah prepared herself the next for two days, looking for an excuse, but her mind came up with nothing. So, she told herself just to go with the flow.

They were having a trip to another city nearby, who knew maybe she could mutilate and feed his remains to the wolves somewhere? Savannah chuckled at her own dark thoughts, shaking her head.

That was until Andrew came and pulled her out of her own little world, staring at her thirsty expression weirdly. He immediately shoved the cup of coffee into her hands, which she accepted with a small surprised smile.

He was like a coffee buddy for her.

"Good luck with your first business trip for this company," Andrew said, patting her shoulder. Savannah raised her eyebrow, muttering a small, "thanks."

She was in sitting on the sofa, waiting for the boss to pick her up. A bag consist of her necessity was packed neatly beside her feet.

Andrew nodded at her and got inside his own
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