Chapter 8

It was growling viciously while munching on whatever that was in its mouth. Even Mr. Hernandez had to take a step back. Once the whole thing was swallowed, the attention was immediately on them, it began to walk forward calculatingly, making them couldn't help but backed away.

Out of nowhere, the beast suddenly lurched toward the unsuspecting Savannah, almost knocked her down into the ground. In the end, she still fell to the ground due to shock. She screamed loudly.

Mr. Hernandez's eyes widened as he tried to approach them, wishing that he could do something before it ripped Savannah's flesh out. He directed the lamp at them carefully.

Only to find something unexpected.

Savannah was giggling while the huge wild cat in her lap purred at her excitedly. Mr. Hernandez breathed out a sigh of relief. He was about to get a heart attack at the thought of witnessing one of his employees be a dish to the vicious animal.

As he slowly appr
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