Chapter 14

Savannah gathered her things. This been a week after the first day Charlie accompanied her with her work. He was proven to be a good company although they could only communicate through paper and pen.

His throat's condition has increased immensely too. He could already speak a few words. During his stay at the company, Savannah made sure to help him pronounce some words. A bottle of air ready on their table in case Charlie coughed badly.

Savannah bid her farewell to Charlie, who nodded and waved at her. She exited the building, staring at the left and right side of the surrounding, then began to walk.

She was so engrossed in her thoughts that the sudden of a hand clasped her mouth tightly made her gasp in surprise. Savannah struggled to break free from whoever tried to drag her to someplace. The person kept dragging her as she kicked, her screams muffled in the palm of the captor's hand.

She was being dragged to some silent place,
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