Chapter 15

Savannah did her routine. Coming to work in the morning and waiting for Charlie to walk in through the door with Mr. Hernandez. She'd make sure that everything was in place before that strict man came to scold her.

Charlie strolled in a few moments later, sitting in his usual place. A familiar adorable little boy with blonde curls trailing behind him. Mr. Hernandez walked straight to his office without giving any of his employees a slight glance.

The little boy watched curiously as he stood beside Charlie, then brightened at the sight of Savannah, who was scribbling down some notes.

"You are that lady from the other day! What's your name?" The boy asked excitedly, running behind Savannah's seat, jumping up and down. He was sure, a hyperactive little blonde.

Savannah stopped doing her work, then facing him and giving a surprised smile at the adorableness. "Oh hi, Sweetie. My name is Savannah. What's yours?"

The little boy's head
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