Chapter 16

Savannah brought the little girl along with her to meet Brandon. Skipping and jumping as Amara strolled in the cafe they had promised to meet.

Amara grinned as Brandon, who was anxiously waiting on an empty table, turned towards the two. Amara jumped up to a seat beside him and smiled mischievously, punching his arm in a joking manner.

Savannah smirked as she noticed that Brandon felt the pain from that little punch. Brandon grimaced, moving his seat a little further from the little girl, and gave her a forced smile. Amara, who seemingly didn't notice Brandon's misery just raised her eyebrow cutely.

Savannah sighed, plopping down in a seat across from Brandon. They were at a four-seat table. He began to eye her a bit warily, looking around in case she brought her little army of cats to attack him again. There were none, which made Brandon sigh in relief.

"So?" Savannah didn't look up where she was scanning the menu in front of her, Amara joined
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