Chapter 17

Just the sound of it was hard to ignore. Savannah rubbed her temples to ease the headache, she hadn't gotten a good sleep last night combined with the commotion just made it worse.

This had been a week after she met with Brandon in that restaurant, Charlie's voice had also improved greatly as he could have spoken already. He was proved to be a good company, along with that mischievous little kid, Adrian who liked to prank David Newman.

Savannah didn't know why though, but she didn't mind.

Right now, David was making a hassle inside the company, screaming to Mr. Hernandez and demanding him to give him another chance.

Yes, that's right, the extremely lazy secretary was being fired by the mighty Mr. Hernandez due to his incompetent and laziness.

David's screaming had begun to irritate other employees that they sent him a glare, which of course he ignored.

"You can't do that, I did all the works just fine." David reasoned again, hal
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