Chapter 20

It was Saturday, and Savannah was called by Mr. Hernandez to come to the office. She had enjoyed her time with Amara, but Mr. Hernandez interrupted them, needing her in the office for today's presentation.

She had forgotten that she got that schedule, luckily, there was someone to remind her of that. On Saturday, employees were still supposed to come to work, but they could leave in the afternoon.

Savannah readied herself. After she had a bath, she began to change into formal attire and apply some light make up.

As she walked out of her bedroom, she immediately was greeted by the rare sight of Brandon holding Carrick. The grey cat seemed reluctant to be near him but didn't attempt to claw or bite him.

Janette with Carrie was another story, she had tried to hold the cat down, but the little feral cat was trying to bite and get away from her hold.

"What are you two doing?" Savannah asked, noticing Amara who was sitting near Brando
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