Chapter 21

Two weeks had gone so fast. Mr. Hernandez and Savannah also got along so great during that time, even they had some meals together with Charlie while bringing Amara and Adrian together. Savannah was also getting used to calling him Lucas outside the work already.

The two kids also got along better, of course, Savannah often caught them giggling while whispering to each other's ear happily. It was as if they were in their own world. Amara only got a few friends back home, so she had none around her age here. The same goes for Adrian, he only got friends whenever the kids from relatives visited.

It was Sunday, meaning a free day for Savannah. Grandma was in a nursing home nearby, volunteering to take care of elders as she loved talking with them. Savannah didn't mind, Janette would be the one dropping her off at the place before she went with her friends. She would pick her up later if Grandma had called.

Some knocking on the door pulled Savannah
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