Chapter 23

Brandon and Janette had a trip from their school to some museum for a few days. This is resulting in Amara having a bad mood as she didn't have someone to play with at home. Grandma took her time to accompany her of course, though it wasn't enough.

Right now, she was scrunching her face adorably, hands crossed at her chest as she stared at nothing particular in front of her.

Savannah smiled at her, approaching the little girl with a phone in her hand. "Janette wants to speak to you, Sweetheart."

Amara narrowed her eyes more. Nonetheless, she took the phone from Savannah's hand and began facing the older Easton.

"Hey, cutie." Janette began, smiling at the little girl through the phone screen as she noticed her bad mood. "Are you alright?"

Amara just nodded, pouting more. This made Janette want to make her feel better. "Nah, don't pout like that."

"I will buy you something when we got back," Janette reassured the slightly chu
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