Chapter 44

"Let's go." Adrian dragged him excitedly after he exited the car, tugging on his sleeves.

Lucas followed the kid's lead as he carefully walked to the familiar house. Adrian had been nagging him to bring him to visit Savannah's house. He couldn't help but give in to the little boy's endless chattering.

He knocked to the tightly closed house. For a moment doubting whether there were people in the house or not. He waited. When none was answering, he knocked once again.

The one opening the door wasn't Savannah as he somehow expected her to be. It was an old lady with hair fully white. A kind expression on her face as she regarded Lucas with a surprised look.

After a moment, he noticed Adrian who was anxiously hanging on Lucas's arm. She smiled kindly at the little boy.

"Are you coming here to visit Amara? I heard from Janette that Amara has gotten a friend lately." She then moved her attention to Lucas. "And who is this gentleman? Are you the kid's fat

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