Chapter 45

It was a little girl with blonde hair around the age of five, someone he had only faintly remember. Yet, now that memory had gradually turned clear.

Lucas was standing in a daze, looking at the photo in his grasp with disbelief. How could it be here...?

The grandma's words drilled themselves into his mind. Repeating like unending waves. The photos of Amara's mother. It was Savannah.

But, how could she look so different now? The current Savannah had the hair of light brown while the little girl named Sofia Dawson had blonde hair.

"Is this Savannah?" Lucas's words came out abruptly.

The grandma looked startled at Lucas's reaction, then tentatively nodded with slight confusion.

"It was one of the photos of my granddaughter." She didn't address how Lucas called Savannah by her first name. Are they that close?

Lucas's hand was trembling slightly as he stared unblinkingly at the figure in the photo. It was a girl sitting on a sofa, unaware

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