Chapter 47

Savannah didn't want to talk to Lucas, so she avoided him.

She had this vague, uncertain subconscious since she had gone back here. Seeing him and that woman who claimed to be Sofia Dawson, bringing a somewhat uncomfortable feeling.

It was frustrating, yet she didn't understand why. No, it wasn't jealousy.

She didn't like Lucas that way. The two's relationship was what should be professional between work partners.

This frustration was akin to an itch that she couldn't scratch, something she couldn't put her finger on. Yet, she had the feeling that it existed.

What is this?

A blurry, vague memory surfaced amidst the chaotic mind. Savannah didn't remember exactly, but she had an inkling that it was somehow related to Lucas. She found his face a little familiar.

She had brushed it off as the face of a hateful someone who had arrogantly gone against his parent

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