Chapter 48

Savannah had been having trouble sleeping lately. She kept on having a dream about the little blonde boy, who somewhat distinctly familiar to her.

She thought that she knew him.

As soon as the realization set in, Savannah couldn't help but find it inconceivable. She had woken up from that dream again, sat up, and froze on the place as her mind raced.

A moment later, a perturbed look appeared on her face. She couldn't help from biting her nail.

Various emotions attacked her at once; bewilderment, disbelief, sadness, and finally a little guilt. She sorted her thoughts, and gradually calmed down.

That's right. She would meet with Lucas tomorrow. If she didn't solve this knot, which somehow had haunted her in the past too; she wouldn't feel assured.

As the time for their meeting slowly approached, Savannah prepared for her clothes; the red long-sleeved ruffle blouse combined with the black long trousers. She picked something simple.

She w

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