Chapter 12

After an hour of twisting and turning on his bed, Moon decided to go and see Ocean. He got up, wore his clothes, wrote a note to his mother to know that said, "Ma, I'm going to see Ocean and will be back by breakfast. Love you."

 He left the note on his bedside table and jumped out of his window. He looked around, no one was there. He smiled to himself and in a flash, he was standing in Knight's Villa. He got into Ocean's room and found her sleeping peacefully. He stripped off his shirt and climbed into her bed.

As the bed moved a bit, Ocean opened her eyes and found Moon beside her. She smiled looking at his face. She brought her hand to his face and brushed her fingers over his cheek. He kissed her forehead and she whispered.

Ocean: I thought you said you'll be staying home because of your father.

She said it with a teasing raised eyebrow. A smirk appe

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