Chapter 2 - Alpha of the Alphas

" You are late for breakfast again?'

Rhiannon winced at her step mother's curt tone. She had learned it was prudent in such situations to remain silent.

"I am sorry," Rhiannon replied politely.

She preferred to eat alone in the kitchen, with old nan, in the barn, or anywhere where she would not be spotted. But today was special, her father the duke was going to make some special announcement. Hence the entire family and the household was ordered to be present in the dining hall.

The servants scurried around serving the warm rolls, and tea.

Margaret her 18-year-old half-sister was stuffing her mouth with the rolls when the duke stepped in to speak.

The duke of Allendale was a tall imposing man, he could strike fear in the bravest of men. For now, he was one of the most important men in the court, the king of Lidio trusted him.

His wife, Catherine was the daughter of a baron and second cousin of the king himself. Making him a minor royalty.

Being a good friend of the king was an added advantage.

"The king and the crown prince, is going to be here for the annual hunt, and the banquet, I want everything to be perfect," he glanced at Rhiannon. She shrank back into her seat wishing to merge into it.

"Make sure his majesty is adequately entertained. Any mistake will be severely dealt with." He warned.

He turned left the dining hall after the announcement. 

"Cousin is visiting!" Duchess Catherine clapped her hands. She had a broad smile on her face. She glanced at her daughter Margaret, who was smiling along.

Lady Catherine had been intending to get Margaret engaged to the crown prince for years. Perhaps, now was the right opportunity.

"We need new curtains, linens, cutlery, everything."

"And new gowns mother, I have nothing suitable to wear," Margaret added.

"Of course, dear, I will call on the seamstress today," the duchess cooed.

"But you bought several dresses just last month, have you outgrown them already?" Alfred quipped with a snort.

Rhiannon couldn't help smiling, while Margaret glared at him.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you have been growing," he snickered.

Margaret threw her fork at him, which he cleverly dodged and screamed.

"Mother, Alfred is making fun of me again!" 

Alfred was doubling up with laughter now.

Catherine gave her a withering look, "screaming is very unladylike Margaret, you are going to be the future queen! Learn to behave like one. And he is right," she appraised her with a disapproving look.

"The amount of food you eat! No wonder you have been blowing up like a cow, you are going to be on a diet, do you understand Margaret?" 

Margaret made a face.

Rhiannon rolled her eyes, Margaret was a little plump according to her mother. Netting a crown prince required being perfect in everything. Sometimes she pitied Margaret.

Rhiannon ignored the mayhem and focused on nibbling her food, when she felt a pair of eyes, staring at her.

She looked up at the duchess, " and you, runt. You stay away in your room or whatever piece of a hole you want to crawl into. I don't want any disrepute during the King's visit. Do you understand?"

Rhiannon stiffened her spine and quietly nodded. She preferred it that way. She had no intention of courting the crown prince.

She wasn't mistreated, but she was a misfit in the household. Her dresses were hand me downs of Margaret, which were always oversized. Nanny used to sew them to fit Rhiannon, now Rhiannon did them herself.

The servants pitied her because she was nice to them. She had no idea what the future held for her. 


Vasilios was in a terrible mood. His wolf had been giving him a nightmare ever since he had come upon his mate. Which unfortunately he would have to reject. 

He walked through the grand entrance of the palace paying no attention to the attendants and guards as they bowed before him in respect and fear.

His human form was as impressive as his wolf. He was 22 years old, 6 feet 4 inches tall.

He had the kind of face that stopped people in their tracks. He was used to that, the sudden pause in a person's natural expression when they looked his way followed by overcompensating with a nonchalant gaze and a weak smile. His grey eyes could make maidens swoon.

Muscles rippled across every part of his body. He was a seasoned warrior.

Arios hopped next to him. He was 20, and looked just like Vasilios, though he had brown eyes and auburn hair instead of black.

"So who was that girl?" Arios smirked.

"What girl?" Vasilios asked.

"I could smell her scent on you brother," and grinned at him.

Vasilios furrowed his brows in annoyance "no one important, " he shrugged.

The kingdom of Arcadia was ruled by his family since the creation of the first werewolf. 

Several thousand years ago his ancestor Lycaon, the son of Pelasgus, angered the god Zeus when he served him a meal made from the remains of a sacrificed boy. As punishment, the enraged Zeus turned Lycaon and his sons into wolves, thus creating the first werewolves.

Lycaon repented to Zeus and promised to serve him throughout his life. Zeus forgave him but his curse remained which turned out to be a boon. For werewolves had longer lifespans and they were physically stronger than normal mortals. They could work faster with barely any effort. Hence Arcadia became one of the richest and most powerful kingdoms.

Such prosperity attracted admiration as well as jealousy. Over the years, and several wars later Arcadia had become a closed secretive nation. Its name induced fear as well as an awe to the outsiders. There were legends and lore of maidens being sacrificed to appease Zeus. The bloodthirsty army of werewolves wiping off entire villages. These were but legends. 

Very few people knew that Arcadia was a cultured nation with a strict hierarchy. Alphas were the pack chiefs, Betas were the warriors, Omegas served them as general workers. Humans lived normally among them.

After the great massacre of humans some 200 years back. New laws and policies were imposed.

It was forbidden to turn or harm a human. They could only be turned in special situations like the wolf imprinting on a human or some life-threatening situations.

Alphas were discouraged from getting a human mate. So much so that most Alphas used to reject their human mates. 

Vasilios was not a normal Alpha. He was the direct descendent of Lycaon and the crown prince of Arcadia. He was the Alpha of the Alphas.

King Rendall smiled as his two sons walked into the throne room.

"Welcome my dear, how was the morning run?"

"It was good father," Vasilios replied.

"Good, I have called you for an urgent matter, looks like marauders are disturbing our border villages."

"Marauders! In Arcadia! How is that possible, father?" Arios said?

"That's what is worrying me. These marauders and not humans. They are wolves." 

Vasilios gripped his hands in anger. Roughs were dealt with severely, and here there was a whole gang of them.

"Do you want me to look into it? " Vasilios asked.

"Yes my son, find out who is behind it. There is one more thing. It's time for our tribute to the great Zeus our creator."

Zeus was the patron God of Arcadia along with Diana and Artemis. Every 25 years a maiden was given to Zeus. The tribute used to arrive from one of their surrounding nations as a sign of appeasement.

This year it was supposed to arrive from Lidio.

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