Chapter 5 - Call of the mate

Rhiannon stood patiently as the seamstress measured her body. It was probably the first time in her life when she was getting a new outfit that would fit her.

Since she was was officially"engaged" to count Belfort. She was required to appear more respectable, and attend the banquet. It was no surprise that her protests went in vain. Dejected she just allowed the seamstress to do her work while she planned her escape.

"I want a pink dress mother!" Margaret squealed.

"Of course dear, " Catherine replied.

"Pink would look horrible on Margaret because she is a redhead but who cares," thought Rhiannon.

She was not even interested in any of this.

"Alright! That should be enough, by when can we expect the dresses to be ready?" Catherine asked the seamstress.

"In a week my lady," the seamstress replied.


Vasilios rounded his desk in the library and pulled a heavy leather-bound book off a nearby shelf and looked at the cover- in slightly faded golden lettering it read "The legislation of Arcadian Royal". He blew a thick layer of dust off the top of it, coughing slightly as he inhaled some of it by accident. 

He sat down at his desk,  and opened the book, rifling through the pages until he found what he was looking for.

He sat hunched over the pages, reading with great intensity. When he began reading, he had a slight frown, however as he continued, his eyes narrowed considerably, the colour rising in his face.

 Suddenly, he felt a breath near his ear. So engrossed he was in the book that he didn't smell the presence of Helena.

He snapped the book shut and slammed it down on the desk with such force that the goblet of wine that was standing untouched for several hours, full to the brim, fell over and spilt it's contents everywhere.

"Vasilios, did I startle you!" She said in her sweet voice. Her face displayed shock! Vasilios was not known to get startled easily.

He caught her hand which was around his shoulders now, removing it.

"What are you doing here?"

His wolf was protesting, now that he had found his mate, it detested another female company, even if it was Helena, his childhood friend, his closest ally, and if his mother had her way, his betrothed.

For Helena was Alpha Cedric's daughter. One of the most powerful pack leader.

She had grown up along with him. He had hoped along with the rest of Arcadia that she would be his mate. Unfortunately, that didn't happen.

He never felt that mate bonding with her. That didn't deter his mom from pushing Helena as his potential queen when the time came. In case the Alpha didn't find a suitable mate, he could take any other female wolf as his wife. For a royalty, it was much more complex. 

As an unmated Alpha crown prince, he was the most sought after man in Arcadia. Which was both flattering as well as annoying depending on his mood.

Currently, he was in a bad mood, he had found his mate whom he could not have, logically.

But when did wolves ever followed logic!

"What were you reading? " Helena continued her chatter unaware of his inner turmoil.

"Nothing important," he replied, getting up.

"Why are you here?" 

"To see you, of course, we were supposed to go for a run, but you left one your own last time," Helena replied with a wink.

Helena was easily one of the most beautiful girls of Arcadia, she was tall with a shapely muscular body, her blonde curls cascaded until her waist. Her best features were her curves.

Wolves were used to nudity as they shifted back and forth to their wolf and human forms so they were not scandalized by the human body.

Hence Arcadian females were bolder in their dressing, they wore low cut gowns even midriff-baring dresses, unlike the outside world.

Right now she was dressed in a backless toga kind of dress which displayed her ample cleavage, it didn't work on him though. He wondered if he would ever feel normal again.

"I have a lot of work Helena, perhaps, some other time." He replied with a pleasant smile.

She pouted her lovely red lips.

"Brother...Oh! I am sorry. I wasn't aware that you had company," Arios said with a sly grin as he entered the library.

"Hello, Arios," Helena said with a dazzling smile.

Vasilios frowned, "it's nothing like that Arios, what is it?"

"Mother wants to see you, she is in one of her moods," Arios replied, making a gesture of quotes to stress on the word "mood".

Vasilios rolled his eyes. His mother the Luna queen Nymeria was from the most powerful pack, same as Helena and would stop at nothing to get what she wanted. And she loved her power.

"Mother, you called me?" Said Vasilios as he entered her court ignoring the looks of other females.

"Vasilios, it's been such a long time, you haven't come to visit me." She complained.

"I have been busy with work mother," he replied, plopping down on a chair next to her.

An omega immediately poured him a glass of wine.

"Well, the mating ball is happening soon. So do you intend to announce anything? You see I have so many requests for you. All the Alphas keep offering their daughters as prospective mate. But unfortunately, you haven't found one yet. Perhaps, you should consider taking one of these noblewomen as a wife unless you have someone else in mind." She smiled at Helen, who had a smug smile.

He furrowed his brows. He has already found his mate, who was a human! He wondered how would his mother react to that. Definitely, not favourably.

"I haven't given it a thought mother. I have more important work right now. I don't understand what's the hurry. I have ample time to find a mate if she exists." he was restless. 

He usually kept his mental guard up, so that no one else read his thoughts.

Nymeria looked disappointed," as a crown prince it's important for you to get a wife and breed some pups to strengthen your claim to the throne son, I gave 2 sons to your father and we are not even mates."

It was true their marriage was just for power. Whether they had a true mate whom they rejected, he had no idea. Over the years Alphas had become prone to marrying for power and status rather than getting a true mate.

The true mate bond was the most sacred and powerful bond for a wolf. It was like the joining of souls. A true mate could transfer their powers to each other. Even save each other's lives by sharing their life energy in the time of crisis.

He wondered how could wolves give up such an important bond over greed for power. 

"Aren't you doing the same thing? Rejecting your mate?" His wolf chided him.

Vasilios was not very happy about it.

"Mother, if there is nothing else to discuss, I would prefer to leave. I am busy."

He finished his wine in one swig. Bowed to his mother and left her court. Perhaps, it was time to shake up things in Arcadia. He couldn't wait any longer, he needed to speak to his mate, whatever was her name.


Rhiannon patted the mare in the stable. She had given birth to a colt a few days back. Rhiannon often visited her to check on the mother and the colt.

"You look happy today, at least someone is happy." She murmured sadly.

She was distracted by the sound of footsteps and chatters. Rhiannon turned towards the source of the commotion.

Some king's guards were walking in along with disgruntled looking Prince Matthew, Margaret, and her brother Alfred.

"Hey, Rhiannon good to see you here, we are taking prince Matthew for a ride, I mean for site seeing. Would you like to join?" Alfred grinned nonchalantly.

Rhiannon looked panicked.

"I..... I.....dont think father would like that." she stammered.

Margaret looked angry but she had to play nice in front of the prince.

"Alfred, father had not permitted her and Rhiannon doesn't enjoy riding. Isn't it Rhiannon?"

Rhiannon nodded ignoring the curious look of Matthew. She was feeling uneasy under his stare.

"There is nothing to be scared of, who are you btw?"

Matthew asked.

Rhiannon's eyes widened at being addressed directly by the prince.

"I..... I am Rhiannon, your grace," she said curtsying.

"She is my half-sister, and she is engaged to count Belfort," Margaret added. Making it clear that she was unavailable.

Matthew raised his eyebrow.

"Well, can you ride?" He asked Rhiannon.

She nodded.

"Good, then join us." He said in a commanding tone. No one would dare object to that.

Margaret glared at Rhiannon while Alfred grinned.

"Excellent, let get saddled up," he said aloud.

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