Chapter 11- Protecting the mate

The count and Rhiannon were walking quietly through the forest near the lake, his low voice talking of his estates and his fortune that would be hers once they were married.

The count had suddenly turned up the next morning. Apologising for leaving early during the banquet. Then he insisted on her going riding with him. Now here she was along the lake. Taking a walk and thinking about Vasilios.

She replied sparingly to his questions, as something about him made her stomach ill at ease.

 "So as I was saying, my castle has 100 rooms, maybe you should visit me sometime, I would love to show them to you," he held her hand in a romantic gesture.

She pulled her hand away from his grasp. "Thanks for the ride sir, I am tired now, I want to go back," she said, increasing her steps.

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Will this book be continued and is there some place to purchase it, I really like what I've read so far.

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