Chapter 16 - The last night in Allendale

    Vasilios had seen people cower in fear, run for their lives or even go still in shock when he approached them in his wolf form.

   But he had never got this kind of response, ever. Rhiannon was badgering him with a series of questions while they walked back to his steed.


    "No, Rhiannon I am not going to shift now, " he replied, exasperated.


    "Just once Vasilios," she said as she hurried over the shrubs trying to match his pace." How do I know you are speaking the truth."


    "We just discussed everything, why do you want to see me shift?"


    "Well, you are a pretty wolf," she said softly.


    He looked scandalized and stopped in his track. He turned back suddenly, making her almost collide into his chest.


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