Chapter 17 - The wolf comb

 Rhiannon rushed to Martha's room as soon as she was relieved from the living area.

    If her father could have hit Alfred his only son, she shuddered what he would have done to her for helping her escape.


    "Nan!" She scurried to hug a very surprised Martha.


    "Oh, child! How come you are here? I know you were captured back, I feel so sorry for you my child." Martha sobbed on Rhiannon's shoulders.


    "I am fine nan, please don't weep for me."


    She broke the hug and looked at the wrinkled face of Martha, "are you ok nan? Did father harm you in any way?"


    "I am fine my child, but what happened to you. Why are you back? And how come you are not in the dungeon?"


    She opened her mouth to explain but anot

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Her dad knows more than what he's telling

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