Chapter 19 - The journey

Rhiannon tied her travel cloak around her neck and looked at herself in the mirror. She looked nervous.

Taking a deep breath she walked out of her chamber. This would be the last time, she would ever walk along these corridors. It felt surreal.

Rhiannon had just one small bag of belonging to carry with her. She didnt possess anything of much value except her mother's golden comb which she had tucked carefully in her bag.

She walked into the courtyard where Vasilios was waiting along with his brother and a few of his warriors.

King William, her father and Lady Catherine stood with grim expressions

"You are late," Vasilios said stiffly as he grabbed her bag from her.

Rhiannon rolled her eye, feeling another pair of eyes on her she turned towards another man who was unmistakably his brother.

They had striking resemblance, though his brother had brows eyes and lighter hair.

"My lady, I am Arios, glad to meet you." He took her hand and gent

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goodnovel comment avatar
This chapter was a little confusing. She was sleeping in her tent, then was woken up by the wolf, in her bed? Then he carried her to her bed after she fell asleep again. It could use some clarity, but a real sweet scene.
goodnovel comment avatar
They had a sweet moment, in his wolf form

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