Chapter 20 - Arcadia

Rhiannon woke up bleary-eyed, with the chirping of bird's that's how it should have been. However, that was not the case. She was woken by the harsh words of Vasilios.


"Get up lazy bones! We have to leave," he shook her rudely.

"Wa.....what happened," she sat up on the bed. Her green eyes blinked in confusion. Her dark curls had come undone at night and it hung around her face and shoulders like a thick blanket.

She grabbed her blanket and covered herself protectively.

"How rude! You can't barge in a lady's room like this."

He rolled his eyes.

"If the lady is lazy, and she is causing a delay. I have to ignore the decorum. Now get up. There is a stream nearby, you can wash up, then we'll leave."

She glared at him.

"I am not lazy, and neither have I caused any delay. Now if you would be kind enough to leave. I need to change."

He regarded her for a moment," f

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Maria Aurora McClure
From pale to dark chocolate. Love it
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This book is good!!!!

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