Chapter 21 - Getting to know the wolf world

Rhiannon heard the king's words and the first thought which can in her mind was -'Run'.

Disregarding that fact that she was in a court, standing in front of a wolf king, surrounded by shapeshifting wolves in a country of wolves. There was no way she could escape this. She would be caught and probably shred to ribbons by these monsters. None of these things occurred to her.

She just turned and bolted.....

Vasilios heard the swishing noise beside him. He looked on as she ran towards the entrance of the great hall.

He could hear tuts and murmurs in the court, while his father looked on amused.

His mother was frowning as usual.

"Well, that's quite amusing!" King Rendall commented as Rhiannon's lithe figure ran out of the great hall.

Vasilios shook his head and walked out of the hall.

She had been caught by the palace guards and was screaming to be released. <

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