Chapter 22 - Conspiracies

Vasilios was sitting in his chamber annoyed. Now that Rhiannon had been taken care of, he had other things to attend to, and also get some mental peace, if that was possible.

"Vasilios I can't believe it, you used your Alpha authority on me!" Helena walked in fuming.

"Leave me alone Helena." He said curtly.

But his tone, rather than deter the unwelcome guest as it would, brought her forward until she stood before him, looking down at his slumped form in the handsomely carved chair.

"No, you humiliated me, in front of the omegas and that human, I cannot hold my tongue if I am to become your mate."

Vasilios rose abruptly, looking down at the fair-haired woman with mild disgust. 

"I have no interest to talk about your ambitions tonight, lady, so I suggest you remove yourself from my presence. I'll not ask again."

"It's that girl, isn't it? That human girl  -

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