Chapter 23 - Can love break you ?

"Werewolves also get attacked?" Rhiannon asked Arios.

"Every living thing is vulnerable to something or someone, lady Rhiannon. But you need not fret yourself. You are well protected in Arcadia." Arios smiled.

"I will wait for you, outside." Arios nodded and left her alone. Her omegas also arrived soon after, she wondered how. She never asked for them, but she was getting used to their strange ways.


Vasilios walked towards the council room. As expected his father was holding a meeting with other councilmen and few pack leaders.

Vasilios gave a quick scan, Lord Elios was missing. Which was a surprise, he would never leave an opportunity to undermine King Rendall.

"Welcome son, please join us," Randall said, ho's face grim.

"Well as already said there was another attack on the border village of Larks. Though it was of a smaller scale, due to increased patrol

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