Chapter 24 - The ceremony

When the morning dawned, Vasilios was nowhere to be found. At least Rhiannon didn't see him. He might have been somewhere in the enormous palace, but he didn't come to see her.

Breakfast was served for her alone, as was midday lunch. Apart from her omega helpers, she was left alone.

It was well past noon when the queen sent for her. Standing before her, Rhiannon dipped into her curtsy, as was to be expected.

"You can rise," the queen announced.

It was then Rhiannon finally looked up, at the queen, Helena and a few other ladies and men. It was probably the inner court. Arios had told her during their tour that they had a smaller informal court as well as the queen's court.

The mood there was uneasy, despite the familiar presence of Arios who sat stiffly, his face expressionless.

Everyone else held expressions ranging from indifference, pity, malice to even hate.

Rhiannon shivered under their gaze, praying for

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Vicky Moore
Hahahaha bitches! Take that! Vasillias will have his love now!
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Victoria Krechting
pfieuw saved by the test
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Thank you for the update, I can't wait until the next one. Chapter 23 is repeated twice and are you going to make this an ebook?

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