Chapter 25 - Trouble

"That can't be true," Rhiannon chuckled a little, trying to make herself feel better.

"I can't be a wolf,  I am not like them." She noticed the appalled looks of people around her," I mean I can't turn, I have always been a human." Her head seemed to be spinning. This could not be happening. Barely a week ago she was a normal country girl. Suddenly, she was pronounced a werewolf.

"Surely there must be a mistake?" Rhiannon said.

"The chalice of truth never makes a mistake," Nymeria snapped at her. Her face was furious.

She turned towards Marina, "How can this happen?"

"Your majesty, I have never come across anything like this, the girl has the wolf's blood but seems like it's been repressed. She never experienced the changes which a werewolf does when they reach puberty."

Nymeria eyed Rhiannon.

"Who are you girl? What have you been hiding?"


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Victoria Krechting
go Vasi we love you
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Yes he made it in time, I hope. Thank you for the quick update. I am sooo hooked on this book!!!!

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