Chapter 26 - You are my Luna

"Vasilios! This is no time to jest," Nymeria said.

"Mother, I am not joking," Vasilios looked determined. His eyes flashing.

"Rhiannon is my mate, I had known it for quite some time, but.....", he waited for some time." I wanted to make sure that, this is what I wanted."

"Preposterous!" Nymeria muttered.

Rendall raised his hand to quiet the court.

"Vasilios, can you please explain?" The king asked.

Vasilios explained the circumstances under which he had to bring Rhiannon.

Elios observed the series of event with a smirk. He didn't even have to make any effort. Vasilios had walked into his ruin himself.

"Your majesty, if I may suggest, isn't taking a human mate forbidden for the Alphas?" Elios said from his seat.

Vasilios knew this would happen. The courtiers followed the laws superficially, none of them had read and studied the book

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I hope that she finds her mom or someone that can help her

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