He's mine beast
He's mine beast
Author: Rever

Chapter one

“La, la, la, la, la, the sky is so blue. The earth looks deep green, and the sun is pretty. Haha, I feel like a bird flying out of its cage.” Snow said as she twirled around the rustic iron pole.

Angel stared at her with admiration in his eyes as Snow spun. He could not stop himself from smiling when he gazed at the excitement in her eyes.

"This feeling is amazing. The wind is in my hair, and my worries are flowing away with the breeze. I can touch the sky from where I stand." Snow energetically said before smiling back at Angel, who could not keep his eyes off her.

"Okay, I feel dizzy and weak. I think I am going to puke now.” She told her friend in a shaking tone.

He rushed toward her as she was about to hit the ground and grabbed her in his arms.  Snow then wrapped her hands around his neck to balance herself.

Angel wore a worried expression on his face and looked at her with sad eyes when he stared at her. Snow then pulled herself away from his embrace and let out a depressing sound.

“ Uh, what is wrong with your face? Stop acting pathetic and twist along with me. Let us ship all of our pain with the wind and free ourselves from life's worries and problems. Angel, take my hands, and don't let go.” She said.

Snow suddenly reaches out to hold his hands, and he smiles and nods his head. Angel then held onto her hand tightly and spun along with her.

His smile widened every time Snow let out a playful giggle, and his yellow eyes seemed to focus on her entirely. 

Regardless of how hard they turned, he did not seem drowsy, but Snow appeared to be getting unstable in her movement. She could not endure any longer. Her vision was getting dim, and her surroundings were growing dusky. 

Snow closed her eyes and felt herself falling to the ground. However, her body landed on something soft. Her eyelids slightly lifted, and she gazed at those dreamy pair of yellow eyes before resting her head on his chest and falling asleep. 

Angel did not move a muscle, nor did he make a sound. He wanted Snow to rest and release her mind from her problems. She has been restless since they met in the morning till now, and Angel disliked watching those beautiful brown eyes worried. 

Time drifted by, but that did not bother him. Finally, after thirty minutes had passed, Snow somewhat woke up from her sleep. She raised her head and noticed Angel gazing at her. 

Once the sleep had partly left her system, Snow realized that she was resting on top of Angel's body. 

“Your eyelashes are so long, and your eyes look cute with their yellow color. You seem quite handsome right now.” She whispered to him.

He smiled, then she giggled a bit and rested her head back on his chest. However, the beat of his heart made Snow realize that she was not dreaming, and the sleep immediately left her. 

“Oh my God, I am so sorry.” She cried as she attempted to get off him. 

However, she was lured back on to his chest. Snow became confused as to why she could not stand up. Then, she realizes that he was still holding onto her hands all this time.

“Angel, let go of my hand!” She shouted at him before forcefully withdrawing her hands from his grip.

He did as she said, and Snow hastily got off him and sat on the grass. Her heart was pounding violently in her chest, and her ears turned pink.

Angel turned his head away from her and stared at the broken fence that surrounded the abandoned house.

"Is he mad?" Snow thought, then bit her lower lip when she realized that she might have hurt Angel because of her reaction.

“I am sorry. It was not my intention to be this hash. We are friends, and I do not want to give the wrong signal." Snow stated.

However, Angel did not seem moved by her apology, and his face remained in its previous position.

"How about I promise you as your friend, I will not leave your hand ever again. I will not abandon or hurt you. And I will pardon you when you wrong me. I will also stay by your side in this life and the next. What do you think?” Snow said before laying down on the grass and focusing on the sky.

Angel turned his head and looked down at Snow. As her heart strived to keep calm, she shifted her focus away from the clouds and settled it on him.

“We can make this our friendship oath.” Snow said and bounced off the ground in excitement.

Later, she calmed down from the rush of excitement after seeing that Angel looked blank.

“You don't understand what I am talking about.” She asked him.

Angel's facial expression remained the same, and Snow took that as his way of saying yes to her question.

"Okay, I will go first. I, Snow Wright promises to stay friends with Angel forever. I promise to protect and stand by him no matter what happens in our lives. Okay! Angel, it is your turn to say your vow.” She uttered to him.

However, he did not appear enthusiastic about making such an avowal to her. Instead, Angel shook his head in disagreement.

“You do not want to make a vow?” Snow asked him.

Angel nodded his head. He could not afford to make such a promise to her. After all, they were never meant to be friends in this life but enemies.

“Oh, I see. That's fine with me. But I am still keeping my promise to you.” She replied.

Her voice sounded cracked as though she was about to burst out in tears, yet she held back her cry so she wouldn't make him feel bad about refusing to make the vow.

'He was the want who felt neglected in the first place. Now he's refusing my offer to be there for him.' Snow thought, feeling more hurt.

Despite his mission and what he has to do to her in the future, Angel still found himself torn into a series of dilemmas when he saw the sadness in Snow's eyes.

'I didn't mean for us to get this far. Now I can't even bear to see you hurt. How am I going to carry out my order if I am this entangled with my enemy?' Angel thought as he struggled to handle his emotions.

He was about to apologize to Snow with sign language, but they were interrupted.

“Look, it is the freak and the weirdo who decided to be friends with the freak.”

A voice called out from the abandoned house's back door, and they turned to see Kelvin standing against the door.

“What do you want, Kelvin?” Snow asked in a frustrating tone. 

Kelvin left the doorway, marched toward them, and seized Snow by the hand. 

“Your mother entrusted me to find you. You know she despises this freak. She is going to be enraged when she discovers that you were with him again. Just quit hanging out with this dork and come back to the old gang?” He said before pulling Snow away from Angel.

“Kelvin, stop it. You are hurting me.” Snow screamed as she tried to remove her hand from his grasp.

Angel became enraged as he watched the tears rushing from Snow's eyes. 

He then stepped up to Kelvin and punched him in the face. His hit left Kelvin bleeding from his lips, which angered Kelvin. The fight was on, and Kelvin was not holding back.

He let go of Snow's hand and delivered a forceful punch against Angel's stomach, which sent him a few steps back.

Kelvin then hit Angel in the face before elbowing him to the ground. With no delay, Kelvin started hitting Angel everywhere on his body, implanting bloody injuries from several punches.

“Leave him alone! Please, I am begging you to stop beating him!” Snow cried as she fell to her knees in tears.

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another good story to look for! gotta savour it quickly (*°▽°*)❤ btw,is there any way i can keep up with your work? do you have social media?

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