Chapter two

“I said stop, Kelvin! I will leave with you! Stop hurting him! He was trying to protect me. He is not the bad guy here!” Snow yelled at Kelvin as she tried to break Angel free from his grip. 

However, Kelvin gripped Angel's shirt and kept on hitting him, yet Angel was not even putting up a fight.

"So who is the dangerous guy? Is it me, uh?" He screamed at Snow.

She did not answer since she feared that her words would cause Angel more harm than good.

 "You don't have to answer my question because I already know your response. Fine, you are right! I am a dangerous man. Now leave with me before I take out all of his teeth from his mouth!" Kelvin stated, then let go of Angel’s t-shirt.

 “Remember that you are just a filthy thing. And you do not deserve her or her friendship.” Kelvin shouted at Angel before spitting at him.

Snow got mad when she heard what Kelvin had said. Angel did not deserve this, and she knew it. The only crime that he committed was standing up for her. Yet he is getting wounded for it, and that hurt Snow's heart.

“He is a human being like yourself. Kelvin, every time I see you acting this way. You look more of a monster, and not the guy I grew up with for the past fifteen years.” Snow told him with hate and anger in her voice. 

Kelvin’s expression changed when those words came out of Snow's mouth, and his eyes seemed burdened with hostility and pain. He grabbed Snow’s hands and dragged her away from the abandoned house. 

“I am sorry, Angel!” She screamed as Kelvin yanked her out of sight.


Snow heard a loud howler. She stopped and looked behind since the sound seemed to have come from the direction of the abandoned house. Her eyes searched around to see who was yelling.

“Is that Angel screaming?” She asked out loud. 

“Don’t be stupid. That freak is mute. There is no way he could be the one screaming.” Kelvin said as he caressed her on the head. 

Snow frowned at his statement. Even though she knew that Angel could not speak, she felt eager to run back to the old house and check on him. Yet Snow suppressed her urge, since she knew Kelvin would use that as an opportunity to pick on Angel.

“Get your hands off me! Also, you are the one who is stupid and not him! And for the last time, stop calling him a freak!” She yelled at Kelvin, then pushed him from beside her.

Kelvin moved back a few steps, and his smile disappeared from his face when he saw how angry Snow was.

 “Fine, you win. I will stop calling your crush a freak. But Snow, what  do you know about Angel except for the fact that Mr. William adopted him when he was eight years old?” Kelvin asked her in a concerned tone. 

Snow did not reply to his question at first, since she wanted to find the right answer that would shut him up. After a few seconds, Snow stopped and faced him. 

“He is nothing like you, Kelvin. It is all the evidence I need to know that he is a man with morals.” She assured him. 

'She did not even deny that she has a crush on him. Why can't you stop looking at him and notice me? I am right here. Since we were kids, I have always been by your side, but why can't you notice me?' Kelvin thought as his heart ached from Snow's remark.

He kept silent the rest of the trip to Snow’s house, and that did not bother her since the only issue that occupied her mind was Angel's health. 

Snow's mother was waiting for her daughter at the front of their house when she and Kelvin arrived.

“Mrs. Wright, I have delivered your daughter as I promised. Now, it is time for me to head home.” Kelvin said.

Snow passed by her mom without a word, and she was about to enter the house when Kelvin called her name. 

“What?” She said.

“I will find proof that he is not the guy for you, and he's not as righteous as you think.” Kelvin declared.

“Then who is my Mr. Right? You?” Snow asked before bursting into laughter, then entered her home. 

“That was not a pleasant thing to say to Kelvin. He is sincerely looking out for you. But you won’t understand his intention because Angel has clouded your judgment. I dislike him! He has a destructive influence on you.” She told her daughter when she arrived inside the house a few minutes later.

"Why do you despise him so much? He has done nothing wrong to you and dad, so why do you guys keep on hating him?" Snow angrily asked.

"You wouldn't understand!"

"Then make me understand. Because right now, the only reason I can come up with is the fact that he and I are friends!"

"That's one. But another reason is that we know nothing about this boy. He showed up out of nowhere, and since then, no one has any information about him."

"So because he's an orphan and can't speak, that made him earn hate from you guys?"

Mrs. Wright seemed to have lost all patience with her child, since each remark she made only created more fuss between her and her daughter.

"Yes! You listen here, young woman! You know nothing about this world that we live in, and you are still too young to understand." Mrs. Wright lashed out.

"Mom, I am seventeen, and I have a few months to be eighteen. So I am not that little anymore." Snow firmly replied.

"Since you are still living under our roof, that does not matter. What's important right now is that your father and I dislike him, so keep your distance."

“Wow, that is great! You don't have to like him, that's fine! But he's not your friend, he is mine! He is my freak and my buddy, not yours!” Snow screamed at her mother.

 "Oh, mine! See what I mean. That boy has polluted you with nonsense, and now you can't even respect your parents. I do not want you hanging out with that brat anymore."

"Mom, that's not for you to decide!"

"Go to your room now! I am grounding you for one month, and you won't be allowed to leave this house without my permission! Do you understand?" Mrs. Wright responded to her daughter’s daring statement.

Snow could not believe what she was hearing. Not seeing Angel for an entire month, she believed that it was the worst punishment that she had received in her life. She could not accept her mother's words, but how was she going to change it?

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