Chapter four


The tapping sound coming from Snow's room door did not draw her attention. Instead, she remained rested in bed and continued listening to her music.

The doorknob turned, the door opened, and Mr. Wright walked into his daughter's room alongside his wife.

"Snow, It's been one month, and you have served your punishment." Mr. Wright sweetly said.

"UMM." Snow replied, then when back to staring at her phone.

The past month was the hardest for her. She did not eat properly, sleep soundly, and her mind remained stressed with thoughts about Angel's whereabouts and his well-being.

"Your dad and I want to reward you for the excellent behavior you have shown over the past month," Mrs. Wright stated in excitement.

"Okay?" Snow said without any care in her words.

The only reward that she would be excited about is the one that involves seeing Angel. However, she did not mind getting some compensation for the trauma her parents put her through for an entire month.

"Do you want to take a guess?" Mr. Wright asked as he strived to get his daughter excited when he noticed the depression in her expression.

"Not really. It's fine if you guys can tell me." Snow said without looking at the disappointment on her dad's face.

"We are going camping in the woods tonight." Her mother shouted with an enthusiastic tone.


"Snow, all you ever wanted and nag us about for your birthday gift was camping in the woods. We decided to give you an early birthday gift, so why are you not happy?" 

"Thank you, mom and dad. I love you guys present, and it means the world to me. It is everything that I ever wanted." Snow said before giving her parents a bright smile, then put her attention back on her phone.

"Honey, why do I feel like her words have irony in them?" Mrs. Wright whispered to her husband.

"Let us let her be for now. I am certain she will come around. For now, let's get stuff ready for camp tonight. I am sure once she's outside and notices the beauty of nature and the full moon tonight, she will change her attitude." Mr. Wright mumbled back.

"Breakfast is ready. You should come downstairs and grab something to eat." Mrs. Wright stated.

"Okay. Thanks, mom." Snow responded without moving her eyes from her phone.

The moment her parents stepped out of the room, Snow let out a deep sigh of relief. 

"Who knew pretending not to be irate while you were still angry could be so exhausting," she mumbled.

She gazed one last time at her blank phone screen before dropping the device on the bed.

"Angel doesn't even have a phone. What an old-fashioned human being." Snow said. 


Snow looked down at her stomach and giggled before getting out of bed and heading into the bathroom.


"I know that you want food, stomach. But I need to clean up first before heading downstairs." She said as she stared at her face in the mirror.

'I can't believe that I am going to be eighteen and graduating next month. Oh well, at least September is going to be better than last month."' Snow mumbled then before picking up her toothbrush.

A few minutes later, she was out of her bathroom and back in her room. It did not take her much effort to find clothes and get dressed. Feeling satisfied with her look, Snow headed to the dining room.

'Do we have to keep Angel and Snow apart? We have no evidence that he is one of them." Mr. Wright said to his wife, who seemed anxious about Snow being ungrounded.

"I swear that I have seen similar eyes like those before. I don't know, but every time I see that boy, he reminds me about our last mission and the blood that got shared." Mrs. Wright replied with fear in her eyes.

"Honey, you are acting paranoid.  That battle took place seventeen years ago. They lost people, and we did the same. I don't think anyone still remembers that battle."

"I do. If I recall it, then maybe others will do too. To be honest, that battle was too bloody for anyone to not be remembered by others."

"What battle are you guys talking about?" Snow asked as she walked into the dining room.

"The world war two." Mr. Wright hastily replied before letting out an awkward laugh.

"Okay, you guys are acting weird." Snow stated, then took her seat at the table.

"Enough talk about the war. Let's eat and afterward start setting up for the trip." Mrs. Wright said.

"Happy birthday, Angel." Mr. William said when he entered Angel's room and saw him resting in bed.

"Thank you," Angel mumbled as he stared at the blank ceiling.

He did not sleep the entire night. His body and mind had been awake for the longest hours, yet he could not decide on which option to choose.

"Today is the day." Mr. William said as he sat on the edge of the bed.

"I know," Angel replied.

After nine years, the time has finally reached for him to complete his mission and prove to his people that he is capable of taking his father's place as the next leader of the clan.

"I am glad that you understand your task. Your parents are proud of you as they watch from above." Mr. William stated.

"UMM." Angel answered.

At six-thirty, Snow and her parents were in their car and on their way to the campsite.

"Snow, do you want to start your favorite camping song?" Mr. Wright asked his daughter after seeing her frown from the v-mirror.

"No, dad. I don't." Snow replied.

"Okay, then. I am just going to drive in silence."

Snow gazed outside of the car window, and the cold air hit against her face. 

"Wow! Look, Snow! The moon is bright tonight." Mr. Wright announced a few minutes later, after catching a glance at the sky.

"Yeah, it is stunning." Snow said with a smile.

'I wonder if Angel is also admiring the moon.' She thought.

At Mr. William's home, Angel gazed at the moon from his bedroom window and frowned.

"Angel, it's time." Mr. William said from the doorway.

"I know. I have already picked up her scent. The Wright are on their way to the trial woods. I guess tonight is the night. Please give me a few minutes to myself."


"Mom and dad, do I have to go through with this? Is this what I need to do to be like you, dad? Well, I hope you guys will rest in peace and be proud of me after I do this." Angel mumbled after Mr. William had left the room.

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