Chapter five

“Waaaaaahhhhhhh.” The woods seemed disturbed by the sound of ambulances and police vehicles.

The cold air remained chilly, and mother nature appeared calm. Darkness ceases the glow of the moonlight. Beneath the cloudy sky where the flashlight lights the bared ground, lays the bodies of two individuals.

Their flesh and bones remained scattered on the icy grass, and blood painted the land red and black.

“Blargh,” a police puke from the horror of the scene.

“This is mess up. Whoever killed them is a beast and not a human.” She stated while wiping the remaining puke from her mouth with her hand.

“Frightening incidents occur in these woods. Still, I have never seen something this horrifying.” Her co-worker responded to the police statement.

“This is the kind of jumble you don’t get to witness every day. There are no significant parts left of these bodies for autopsy. What are we going to take back? Are we going to carry these pieces of flesh, skull, and licked bones that have no skin covering them. Who or what executed this sickening mess?” The EMT lady cried in frustration.

“I do not believe our perpetrator is a who. It shows more of a what, from the appearance of this death scene. Perhaps, a male black bear that preys on humans. They are hostile toward people, and whatever did this appears aggressive. It could be anything, although I won't accept this as the result of some human being doing.” The police director reveals this to his subordinates.

“If this is an attack of a beast, then we are obliged to keep our eyes observant and ears alert. It could be lurking in the shadows. Stay wide-awake chaps, do not let your defenses down! Have your guns on standby and flashlight focus!” Another police officer shouted.

“Shut up, Alvin! Do you want to wake up the sleeping creatures in this damn woods!” The director barked at his underling.

“Sorry, sir! Yes, sir!” Alvin answered and backed away from the crime scene.

“Melvin, get over here and examine the remains.” The director ordered the forensic medical examiner.

“The creature devoured most of the corpses, which have created multiple problems concerning forensic pathology and forensic anthropology. Severe mutations have occurred on the face of the remains and their teeth. Their internal organs happened to be eaten by the animal. And it might be impossible to identify the precise cause of death.” Melvin reported after taking a closer look at the corpses.

“Melvin, you need to give me reliable information. Did a human or an animal cause their death? We ought to present strong proof regarding this case. Something this strange occurred in our city, we deserve answers. Furthermore, we must identify what sort of deranged person or beast we are involved with.” Alvin said to his partner with fear in his eyes.

All the monster talk seemed terrible, and he wanted to get out of the woods this instant.

“Lesions caused by animal attacks may be evaluated and misinterpreted as antemortem lesions such as ligature marks, firearm wounds, or stab wounds during the postmortem period. Which would make it more troublesome to determine if our suspect is a human or animal.” Melvin notified his teammates, and their faces became full of terror after his news.

“Because of the loss of skin may lead to the disappearance of tattoos and old surgical scars, which could be useful in the identification of the victim. Joe, we need to remove the remains of their bodies back to my lab for further examination. I can not get more reports in this dark and simple environment.” He told his director while taking off his gloves.

"Everyone, lets rapid up and get moving. We don’t have all night. I have to get home to my daughter and read some bedtime stories to her. Don’t drag on! Move your weak legs faster! Alvin and Derrie! Do a patrol around the area and report back in fifteen minutes.” Joe shouted with power in his voice.

No one spoke a word, although the dirt trembled from the movement of their boots.

There under every blanket of the night are mysteries that disappear in the mist with the darkness. The owl knows these secrets and has seen the face of the beast. These creatures are not a puzzle to the wind. The breeze has watched them mutate into their original form.

They have shown their fluffy bodies, and razor-sharp teeth on every full moon. Yet their shadow sent fear to the animals in the woods. They are not animals, nor are they human. Still, they fit within both circles. Humans may call them monsters, but mother nature does not deny their kind.

These creatures always stay hiding. Yet on this particular night, one stride behind Alvin and Derrie while it ducked under the shelter of the trees.

These two men shiver in the cold night breeze. However, the chilly air is not the reason for their coldness. It was the dread of engaging the creature that could strip the skin of one’s bone. Their flashlights continue searching for the sign of movement.

“Alvin, loosen yourself up. You are safe. Relax, there is nothing to be frightened about in this wood. Plus, we have guns with us.” Derrie told his partner.

“BANG,” A gunshot suddenly sounded.

“Growl,” a loud noise came out of the bushes.

“What is wrong with you? Why are you discharging at thin air? Are you going insane?” Derrie screams at his buddy while urging Alvin to lower his weapon.

"What was that noise? I heard a cry or something more like a roar. I am not insane. There was something moving in the shadow of that tree. Did you not hear the screaming? Because I overheard it loud and clear.” He replied with a high pitch.

“I heard it too. But, it could have been any creature roaring. You just can't go about shooting any and everything because it moved. I am more afraid. Still, I acknowledge that this is the animal’s dominion, and we are the intruder, okay?” Derrie said calmly and hit Alvin lightly on the shoulder.

“Crack,” a sound came from the opposite end of the bush.

Alvin jumps backward in panic. However, Derrie thought it's best to see what was behind the bushes. He took Alvin's pistol from him, then walked toward the noise. Alvin stood aside as he watched Derrie pick up something from behind the bushes.

“Stand down, Alvin! It is just a wounded kid." Derrie said to his buddy.

“No! Help me!” The girl shouted.

"What's your name?"


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