Chapter nine

It was five o'clock in the morning, and Joe was driving to the hospital to check on Snow when he got a call from his subordinate.

"Good morning, Melvin." Joe said while keeping his focus on the road.

"Sir, this morning is not a good one."  Melvin's distressed voice came almost as a whisper.

"What happened?" Joe asked as he tried to keep calm and hoped that the news Melvin had could be something that they could handle.

"The corpses are gone." Melvin's voice echoed through the phone, sounding a bit creaky.

"What!" Joe screamed as he pressed his foot on the brake which caused the police vehicle to stop abruptly.

"I am as shocked as you are." Melvin stated, and Joe could hear the frustration in Melvin's words, and he knew that this news was something beyond him and his subordinates.

"Tell me what happened?" Joe uttered as he allowed hims

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