Chapter ten

Snow sat there on the hospital bed, staring at the policemen with confusion in her every gaze. She could not find the words to express her thoughts, so she waited for them to say something.

"Hey, Snow. How are you doing?" Alvin said in a childish manner.

Snow intensely stared at him in dismay. She found the friendliness in his tone to be extremely uncomfortable.

"Who are you guys, and where are my parents?" Snow softly asked after gaining the strength to speak.

"Sir, this is bad. The two corpses could be this kid's parents. We should be careful with how we handle her from here and question her before we trigger any traumatic memories that may cause her mental instability." Derrie whispered to Joe.

"I know that. But my biggest fear right now is the fact that Snow doesn't seem to remember what happened." Joe mumbled with concern in his eyes.

"We are officers."

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