Chapter eleven

"I knew it was you, Ax. I could smell the stink from afar!" Angel said in disgust after he had walked into the alley and saw a young man with silver eyes.

"Haha, I see you still hate me. Still, that's no way to talk to your older cousin. You know we had some good childhood memories." Ax said in a humorous and yet dangerous manner.

"I think that you might be confusing me with another wolf because if my memories serve me right, you were my worst bully." Angel said with hate in his eyes.

Ax smiled, but it was not a friendly one. Instead, his smile was crafty and creepy.

"And you are still the same. Acting like a chicken, and always messing up the simple tasks given to you by the elders, and I have been the one continuously cleaning up your shits for you." Ax harshly stated.

"Why? Don't you enjoy being those old fools' puppy? Always nipping at their heels for praise and being an obed

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