Chapter 19

Jenne and Ione, Daxon, max and Shen came to meet Purple, as Vance mind linked them and told everything that happened. Vance wanted to find this man, so he left with Shen, max and Daxon. Leaving Purple in Jenne and Ione’s care.

“I am really sorry, Purple. I should have known you were going through all this; I am a naughty friend, “ Ione said as she was hugging Purple.

“it’s not your fault, Ione; I should have told you all about this. It's my fault I hide it; it all because of me. I am sorry,” Purple sobbed on Ione shoulder.

“shh baby, everything will be alright; Vance will find him, he won’t trouble you again."

Ione patted her back.

“do you want to go on a

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Susie Reynolds
If you would like, I can proofread the chapters before you release them for typos and grammatical errors. That way you can continue writing. Once they're proofread, I will forward them to you for your approval.
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Kylie Robinson
I thought the main character was supposed to be an Alpha not a snivelling child. The story is all over the place, one minute it is about one story line the next it sounds like the characters are uneducated children.. such a shame... it started out with such promise

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