Chapter 21

“Vance Astrid is here.”  

Vance hug loosens from Purple; the truth was in these three days, Vance did not ever think of Astrid; he totally forgets that he has a girlfriend who he loved.

Vance looked at Purple, who was looking down. “P-purple i—” Purple cut his sentence and smiled at him.

“Its ok, Vance. You can go. I am fine, “she said. Vance felt really guilty seeing the smile on Purple’s face, which did not reach her eyes.

Before Vance could speak, Astride walked in with a man. Purple know the man. It was Astrid brother Alpha Xian.

Alpha Xian looked at purple

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Comments (7)
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Michelle Beshears
I truly have enjoyed the book some of the typos are kind of annoying but the cover and the overall story makes worth having to together like it should be in my mind
goodnovel comment avatar
Alicia Plazo Cayube
too complicated but of course the writer know how the story flow so let it be..nice story congrats author keep up the good work thank you for giving us good stories.
goodnovel comment avatar
Why is that character names keep changing? Cain instead of Xian. Jenne instead of purple

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