Chapter 23

Xian and purple spent time in the garden when Xian spoke, “ Purple, I wanted to tell you something “, Xian said a little bit hesitated.

“Ya sure anything “, purple spoke, playing with the rabbit.

“Tomorrow morning, I am going back to my Pack; as you know, I am an alpha, and as a leader, I can’t stay away from my Pack for long. “Xian said, looking away from Purple.

“oh, that’s sad, but I understand. “ Purple said.

“I wanted to ask you that can you come with me “, He spoke, making Purple freeze on her spot.

“I know you can’t trust me fully, but as you know, leaving here will only make you two together; if you come with me, it will help you to move on and to know me more, we can spend time together,” Xian said.

“Can you give me some time to think? “ Purple said?

“Ya sure, you have all the time till morning. If you agree, then pack

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Jane Walker
Very frustrating, Astrid always seems to get chosen over Purple, even now that Vance admitted he wants to be with her, he’s choosing to stay with Astrid so she doesn’t get hurt because she was there for him in the past! Astrid doesn’t even want him now and is only doing so for her brother. Grrr

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