Chapter 25

Martin was in packs kitchen making breakfast for Astrid, Martin time to time say something, and Astrid would blush. After preparing the breakfast, he walked near the table was Astrid was sitting and placed the food on the table. He sat on the chair and pulled Astrid on his lap.

“So my baby is hungry, “ he said, making Astrid blushing mess. Their wolf was rolling around with joy in their head; Martin cut the pancakes with one hand and slowly feed Astrid.

They were in their world when the door opened. Jenne and Ione walked in. “Oh my god, you to make up already”,, Jenne shouted.

“why not? After all, they are mates; they won’t be able to stay away for long, “ Ione said. Astrid hid her face in her mate's neck, and Martin laughed.

Ione and Jenne went to make breakfast for everyone. After some time, Vance came with Purple in his arm. Who was kicking her leg in the air and shouting at Vance?

“Purple, it is already too late for the morning. You should have your breakfast at least, baby,” Vance
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Rose SB
Care of pack members or care of every pack member.
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Rose SB
Mate, adding a “s” makes it plural.

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