Chapter 26

Vance groaned as the warm rays of the rising sun seeped through the cotton curtains and caressed his backside. He grunted in annoyance as he tried opening his stubborn eyelids. Vance hasn't had a good nights sleep yesterday. He kept tossing and turning in bed throughout the night, it was only during the wee hours of the morning sleep finally invaded his body, but unfortunately, he had to wake up soon.

He didn’t sleep with Purple because his mother taught every little detail to Purple, and purple was tired, so she slept with her mother-in-law.

Today was the day for the sun’s river blessing ritual. Max and Shen walk toward there friend.

“Morning dickhead we are here to get you ready,” Max said and got a kick on his crotch by Vance. Max fall, holding his area and whinnied in pain.

“What the hell, man? That’s not fair,” Max screamed. Shen laughed, holding his stomach.

“remember this before calling me
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Rose SB
Having to re-read sentences more than once to understand is annoying and takes away from the story.

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