Chapter 28

Purple was sitting on a chair; she was eyes fixed on the chopped meat kept on the bowl in front of her. Her heart was beating really hard in her ribcage. The girl was nervous; she was not cooking just a lunch; she was cooking to impress Vance. This was her time to flaunt her brilliant cooking skills, but she was nervous. 'What if Vance doesn't like it?' 'What if Vance pukes just after the first bite?' 'What if she fails to impress the Alpha?' All these uncomfortable thoughts invaded her mind.

Nobody was allowed till the purple was done cooking. The mates are expected to cook the meat hunted by their soon-to-be-mates with love and care. It was their chance to impress their Alphas with their cooking skills. The Girl cooks for the entire family, but it's the Alpha who takes the first bite as the rest of the family members follows. This is precisely what made Purple nervous; she wanted to cook her best recipe for the Alpha. She was determined to impress the Alpha.

Purple placed the cabbage
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