Chapter 62

Ron walked in with a troubled face, holding a tab in his hand. He looked at Purple with hesitated face and then Vance.

Vance understood and signed Ron to continue.

Ron hand the tab to Vance. Purple widen her eyes reading the news article.

"How can this happen? "Purple asked.

"We have taken down the article immediately after its release, but the new already reached our board of director's ear. "

"Stock price decrease by 1.60% and still going down."


"President, I find this incident quite strange. The hospital is extremely confidential and even signed a confidentiality agreement. Logically speaking, there's no way that the new of your accident could have been leaked."

Hearing this, Vance suddenly realised.

That's right…

He had almost missed an important point.

The accident had only been done not too long ago, and the news had already been leaked.

Only one person can be benefited from this situation.

Vance smi
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Caroline olliver
Whoa i can’t believe this is the same person who was adamant he did not want a human mate love ❤️ this story 

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