Chapter 67

Vance, who was gently smiling and was in an excellent mood, suddenly turned gloomy, and the smile left his face. His heart hurt whenever purple cry. Her tears are too precious to him.

Rubbing her back, he guided her in front of the glass wall.

He gently rubs her tears, " don't cry, love. "Purple did not speak. She initially looked straight at the wall.

"Papa...Mumma.." just the two words, and she broke into tears again. She wished they were present here to see this. The purple dream is fulfilled today.

She stood in the miller's group's main branch, which was the first building her father established before she was born.

Infront of her, there was a big glass wall on the top of it was written memory wall. It has a big family photo. She remembered when her father took her on a holiday trip to Disney land. She was smiling, laughing with them, and her father asked a stranger to click a family photo.

"where ...did you get this" Purple looked at Vance des
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sure I am writing the next chapter.
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don't make us wait!!!
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Love this book..

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