chapter 68

warning 18+

Vance was taking purple somewhere today. He told her to pack in a hurry and helped her in the car; it was not even morning; Purple slept throughout the ride. She was a little nervous because Vance did not inform her before; they had to rush out of the house.

Vance senses her nervousness by caressing her tummy; if baby Mumma is tense, it will affect the baby too.

Vance smile when he feels his baby moving under his palm. This day they notice the baby's moment; they were delighted; Vance was almost in tears when he finds the baby moving for the first time.

He knew the baby can feel its father’s presence; it was a very warm feely for the Alpha.

Vance stopped the car and move out while closing the door behind him. He went toward the passenger side and softly pick sleeping purple in his arm and walked toward the private fancy cabin in the woods.

. A smile slowly formed on his lips. The moment he arrived here, a different feeling consumed him.

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Comments (11)
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Rose Spahr
I love this book. It was hot, sad at times, and so romantic and loving. Thank you.
goodnovel comment avatar
Thank you so much❤️❤️
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Renee Higgins-Gilmore
this is one of the very best werewolf books I've read and I read alot. God has given you a talent for writing so don't stop.

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