Day 13

"Ramon Darke. Who am I speaking to?"

Just the sound of his deep voice makes me boil in anger.

"How dare you!" I snap.

"Camilla Clarkson?" Ramon calls in surprise. "I wasn't expecting your call this soon."

"Are you happy now?" I snort. "Riana is not speaking to me because of you!"

So this is what happened...

Riana and Ramon went on a morning date today. The stupid guy told Riana the whole truth. That I told him that she has a massive crush on him and that the whole date was planned by me. Ramon told her that they could never be a thing but they could be friends. Riana was so angry on the phone, angrier than she was about me kissing Ramon. She said I embarrassed and humiliated her by revealing her secret to him. And to even plan a date?

This whole date was to mend our friendship but it seems like it made it a whole lot worse.<

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