Day 15

I am standing beside the wide window, staring at the view of my office. 

I love the new ocean blue color of my office. Gray was so pale for a cologne company. Blue is perfect : especially because it's my favorite color. Everything was changed over the weekend. From the walls to the floors to the logo to the carpets. CLARKE is now a blue company. Blue and White. 

The office phone rings. 

"Yes Ms. Crawford." 

"Ms. Bridget Banks is here to see you." 

"Let her in please." 

I was expecting her. The financial advisor. 

She's tall, wearing an official purple dress, her blonde shoulder-length hair combed neatly.

She stretches out her hand to me politely, a small smile on her rather serious face. 

"Ms. Bridget Banks." 

I shake her hand, smiling tentatively. "Ms. Camilla

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