Day 21

Ramon comes to pick me up that Sunday morning.

I step out of my house and see him in a plain white shirt and dark jeans, sitting on top of his car.

One look at me and a smile curves on his sensuous lips. It feels like it's some kind of gesture to tell me I look gorgeous in this simple white long dress and simple wedges.

Put on a long decent dress, Ramon had insisted and this is the best I could pull.

He doesn't say much through the entire ride. I just stare outside the window, asking myself a tonne of questions. Why am I here? Why do I feel so safe around him yet I barely know him? Why is my heart throbbing so hard and why are my hands sweating? Why does he make me feel so uneasy? So nervous? Not in a bad way though... Strangely, in a good exciting way...

"We are here," he announces.

The car stops outside a huge building with a cross on top.

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