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Arunima's p.o.v

"Finish your milk right now or I will not give you any chocolate,"I told my 5-year-old daughter Avni who is still sitting on the chair without drinking milk.

" Ma(mother) I have already drunk a full glass of milk. Won't you give me chocolate " my son Ishaan asked me.

" Of course mera baccha(my dear). You are a good boy. Ma will give you chocolate" I said to my son giving a kiss on his chubby cheeks. He giggled seeing Avni's jealous face who is now angry because I am not kissing her.

Well, Avni and Ishaan are my two precious kids. They both are 5 year old and also twins. These two munchkins are my world. They are the most precious gems in my life.

About me? Well, I am Arunima Bhatt. A 25-year-old single mother who lives with her kids. I am working as a school teacher and living with my kids near the school area and that's all about my introduction.

Today is Avni and Ishaan's first day at school. Both my kids are nervous. They are asking me many questions and I am giving them answers. I assured them that everything will be ok and no need to be nervous.

Both have finished their breakfast. Now I am getting them ready for school. My both munchkins are looking too cute in their school uniform. I just pray to God that no one ever put an evil eye on my kids. 

Then, I entered into my washroom and started changing my clothes. When I was wearing my clothes my eyes went to my chest area where his name is carved. His name is carved a little under my left bosom where my heart lies.

Tears started forming in my eyes. Whenever I saw the tattoo, my blood gets boiled with anger and disgust. I trembled with fear whenever his face comes to my mind. I tried my hard to forget everything...but those memories always flashed in my mind creating immense pain in my heart.

I am terrified about him, whenever his face came to my mind I started trembling in fear. I hate that person. I will always hate him. He might have carved his name upon my heart but he can never enter into my heart. He is a monster. I don't want to meet that person ever in my life. I hate you Mr Anirudh Raghabhan. I hate you. 




Anirudh's p.o.v

I woke up naked from my sleep. My head is spinning because of a severe headache. I rubbed my forehead with my fingers. I  looked beside me and found a naked girl is lying beside me.

Then yesterday night's incident flashed in my mind. I was drunk and had sex with this girl thinking about Her. 

That naked girl woke up and wrapped her hand around y neck. She said sugar dripping from her voice," Hey babe. Last night was awesome".

I removed her hand from my body and said angrily, "Don't touch me whore. your work is done. now get out of my bed and this room. Here is your payment."

Saying that I gave her some money and threw her out from my room with her belongings. The girl knew who I am. So, she didn't fuss. She immediately left the room without any noise.

Well, "I am Anirudh Raghabhan. I am 32 years old and Chairman of Raghabhan Corporation. I am also the most feared mafia leader in India right now.

People fear me because they know how cruel I am. They know what kind of monster is living inside this human form.

My dark childhood made me a heartless monster.

My childhood was not normal like any other child. My whole childhood was full of emotional pain and mental trauma.

I got down from my bed and went to the washroom to take a shower. I was in one of my club's guest room. I was so drunk that I couldn't even get to my car and most probably that's when that girl took me here.

Turning on the shower I closed my eyes and as always her innocent face flashed in front of my eyes. That innocent face, that beautiful smile. Now everything is gone.

I regret whatever I did to her. I was a complete asshole who treated her badly. But now, I want her. I want her forgiveness.

In the past I was wrong..Unknowingly I hurt her. Because of my animalistic behaviour, she left me. It's been six long years since she left me. But I can't forget her. Her every memory is still fresh in my mind and my heart. 

I miss her. I miss her everything. I miss her whole self. I screamed her name loudly," Aradhiya".

"Where are you? Please come back to me. Don't leave me alone to die with my regrets".

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