Arunima's p.o.v

I took Avni and Ishaan to school. They are very nervous and afraid as it is their first day at school.

I told them not to worry and also said that after school I will take them to the park. Hearing it they are very happy and now a little bit relaxed.

I reached school and went to the headmistress's room.

I said, "Hello Mrs Khanna". Mrs Khanna is a charming woman in her late 40s. She smiled back to me and permitted me to come in.

I really respect her. She is one of those persons who helped me when I was totally broken. She gave me this job. I am really grateful to her for her generosity.


She told me to sit down and ordered one of the school teachers to take Avni and Ishaan to their class. When Avni and Ishaan left she asked me what I am thinking about Dhruv's proposal.

I said taking a deep breath, "I am really sorry Lalita Ji. I can't accept his proposal. I am happy to be a single mother. I will raise my children alone. I don't need any man's support."

She said trying hard to convince me," listen arunima, you are have a life ahead of you. Marry Dhruv. I know him. He is a good man. He will keep you happy."

I sighed and said looking at my lap," You know that I am terrified of man. I know Dhruv is a good man. But I am not perfect for him. He will find someone better than me."

Saying that I bid her goodbye and went to take the class. I really don't want any man in my life. 





Anirudh's p.o.v

What the fuck is this, Jamal?? I snapped at my assistant who is trembling in fear hearing my harsh voice.

"Why this file is not ready yet?? I asked him angrily.

He said with a shaky voice," Sorry, Sir. I will make it ready quickly".

" Then, get lost from here and make it ready quickly" I again snapped at him. He nodded his head and left my office room.

Then, I lit a cigarette and started thinking about everything. Thinking about her.

She left me and her leaving made me more dangerous. I can't control my anger. I have become a chain smoker. Why everyone leaves me. Why I have to always endure those emotional pain!

I know I had been cruel to her. When the truth came in front of me. I was feeling guilty. Without knowing anything properly I tortured her which was the biggest mistake of mine.

" where are you Aradhiya? you left me with my regrets. you didn't give me that chance to apologise to you." I said mentally looking outside through the window.

Suddenly someone knocked at my cabin and it's my assistant.

He said lowering his head, " Sir, I have fixed your meeting with Mr Khanna. He was asking about time..when you will be free??

I ordered him to fix that meeting at noon.

He said, "Sir, Mr Khanna also invites you to a party after the meeting."

I told my assistant," Inform Mr Khanna that I will join at his party."


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